The car fires when female drivers use the vacuum cleaner to withdraw gasoline from

Driving the Volkswagen Passat into the fuel station in Eschborn, Hesse, the driver mistakenly blamed gasoline instead of pouring oil. To overcome, she and a service staff pushed the car to the vacuum cleaner to smoke out, causing fire car.
According to the local police, the two users of an irrigation pipe put into the fuel tank and then use the vacuum to get the petrol out. But the flames flare out burning the Passat.

The fire team arrived shortly afterwards and controlled the flames. The estimated damage was about 30,000 euros, equivalent to 33,000 USD. The gas station staff, who had more than 20 years experience a slight burn while the female driver escaped, uninjured.

Professional Autoblog page comments, using a vacuum cleaner to withdraw gasoline is not recommended, not only because the tool does not

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