More than 63% of imported cars originating from Thailand

Specifically, this month’s imports were 11,609, respectively, and nearly 259 million. Meanwhile, cars were imported by the General Department of Customs, which was recorded in the previous month, 10,540 with a value of $254 million.

Cars imported into Vietnam are mainly made up of 5 main markets are from Thailand with 6,572, from Indonesia with 3,210, from China with 600, from Japan with 201 PCs and from Korea with 157 PCs. These 5 markets account for 96% of the total imports in Vietnam during the month.

With the segment of the car from 9 seats or less, in the month 7/2019 have 8,177 were imported into Vietnam with a value of 161 million, which accounted for 73.3% of the entire import automobile.

With this result, the number of cars from the 9 seats or less entered Vietnam during the month was increased by 14.4% (equivalent to 1,032) over the previous month.

Cars from 9 seats or less are registered imports during the month 7/2019 mainly originating from Thailand with 4,904 PCs, accounting for 60% of total vehicles under 9 seat imports. Vehicles originating from Indonesia with 2,712 aircraft, accounting for 33% of vehicles under 9 imported seats.

As such, 93% of vehicles under 9 seats in Vietnam are imported from 2 internal ASEAN countries.

From the beginning of May 7/2019, Vietnam imports to 86,969 cars of all kinds, nearly 4.6 times more than the same period last year. In which, the car 9 seats or less is 63,063 PCs, 5 times; The loading car was 20,805, almost three times more than the same period last year.

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