Lexus develops new small hatchback

Lexus will develop hatchback instead of sedan because it is not wanted to compete with Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan coming soon. That would be the 2-door hatchback model small in the street, Autocar said.
This concept’s cube design is inspired by the 2015 concept Lexus LF-SA. Tokyo Motor Show March 10 coming this will be the occasion Lexus launches the first electric car concept.

Lexus’s city electric car design carries the future slightly, which is different from its current vehicle model. The head of Toyota’s vehicle design team, Koichi Suga, told Autocar that chairman Akio Toyoda had turned green light on the project and took the final design. Lexus’s first electric scooter was given to improve the entertainment information system, which was subjected to criticism by users in the last time. Accordingly, the vehicle will have two screens placing the steering wheel.

Autocar also said that Toyota and Lexus will focus on electric cars for the next decade, with plans to introduce 10 electric vehicles in 2025. Japanese car carriers are investing many resources for developing electric motors.

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