Appeared device to steal all types of cars within 10 seconds: From Audi to BMW are hacked

This device can steal all types of vehicles including models using Key Fob electronic keys such as Ford, Mercedes, Land Rover to Audi, BMW

Currently, many modern cars have switched to using Key Fob electronic lock (electronic authentication system, with a security code protection mechanism).

By creating random codes, periodically changing in about 30-60 seconds, the Key Fob electronic lock authenticates users in real time. This type of lock is safer and more secure than many old locks and is being used by more and more car companies.

But is Key Fob really safe? An experiment to check the security of electronic locks that have been specialized on WhatCar cars on cars: Audi TT Roadster, BMW X3 2018, DS3 Crossback Ultra Prestige, Ford Fiesta, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The test team used 2 electronic devices to try to open the car door:

A device that accepts keyword signals that users carry with them
A booster will repeat the code to make the door open, then start the car.
Accordingly, the set of receivers and boosters should be near the key within 50 meters. That means that in the case of the owner of a car entering a cafe or shop, an object can be reached within a few meters and his accomplice can open the door and drive the car. go.

After experimenting on models, the results show that stealing can only take 10 seconds, even 90% faster than conventional car theft with cars with physical locks and hitting systems. old style fire.

With only a maximum of two and a half minutes, experts can board the driver’s seat and start the car without the original key. The results show that: 2 out of 7 cars only need 60s or less.

In the absence of other additional security measures, the team could steal 6 of the 7 cars above. The only car they could not start (but could open to enter) was the Land Rover Discovery, by using broadband wireless technology, passing through multiple bands at the same time so that the thief could not mimic the signal. The worst of the models is the DS3 Crossback Ultra Prestige, which can be stolen in just 10 seconds. It only takes 5 seconds for the door to open and 5 seconds for the car to be driven away.

The final conclusion of experts is that keyless cars are more likely to be stolen than cars using standard keys. With cars that use electronic locks there will be no warning to the owner that their car has been taken away.

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