Honda’s new airbag technology will increase guest safety

In a recent announcement, Honda revealed a new airbag design for the front passenger. This unique design promises to enhance safety for users in the face-to-face collision.

Compared to the one-compartment design of a standard airbag, Honda’s new airbag is shaped like a ball-catcher with three inflatable compartments (a center compartment and two side compartments) with one the board “sail panel & quot; located between them. While the side compartments are used to embrace the passenger head from both sides, the “sail panel” panel acts to block the movement towards the front of the head. Therefore, this airbag helps minimize the horizontal force impacting on the head of the sitting person, reducing the possibility of serious injury that may occur if their heads shake or slide out of the air bag. Honda commented, this three-compartment airbag design has the best protection for passengers in the case of corner collisions between two vehicles, or between the vehicle and a stationary object.

Honda’s new three-compartment airbag technology is a product developed by engineers at its Ohio R & D center in Raymond in conjunction with pioneering safety system manufacturers Autoliv. It is expected that new airbags will be used on Honda models in the US in 2020, followed by other models globally. In addition to this new airbag design, Honda is also developing the “Honda Sensing & quot; aims to provide vehicle safety support features and is expected to equip the “AccuraWatch” safety technology feature package on its models in 2022.
The development of this new airbag technology is seen as an image recovery effort by Honda after the Takata airbag scandal that took place two years ago seriously affected the Japanese automaker and many houses. Other automobile manufacturing. It is known that this incident has injured hundreds of people along with more than a dozen people died in the US.

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