Genesis GV80 – New opponent of BMW X7 is about to debut

With the ambition to bring the name of Korean cars to a new level, Genesis GV80 was born to be the counterbalance of Western stout SUVs such as BMW X7 or Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Accordingly, a reliable leak source from Genesis itself recently said that the company is urgently preparing for the launch of its first luxury full-size SUV model with the trade name GV80. . Thus, since separating from the shadow of the “Big” Hyundai, Genesis is increasingly trying to realize the dream of turning this brand into a true luxury car brand, directly competing with famous names like BMW or Mercedes-Benz …

At the moment, there are no photos or details about the Genesis GV80 Full-size SUV. However, through some photos of this model on the test track in Europe, it can be said that the GV80 will inherit a lot of details from the Concept SUV-1 of Genesis a while ago. Hyundai’s design shadow is being gradually stripped off by Genesis and created a unique feature. Modern, luxurious and futuristic trends are exactly what Genesis is aiming to apply to its models, including the GV80.

In particular, while being oriented as a true full-size SUV like rivals BMW X7, Lexus LX570 … but Genesis GV80 will own a hybrid Coupe style design with soft beveled tail instead of hard. as rivals. In addition, the Korean automaker is also expected to use the new generation electric drive system on the GV80 model to better suit the trend of electrochemical today.

The highlight of Genesis GV80 is in the interior space. Accordingly, Korean engineers will shape the “flesh-and-blood” GV80 model from the Concept SUV-1 itself. A luxurious cabin space, minimalist buttons will be the design philosophy on the Genesis GV80.

It is expected that the Genesis GV80 will be officially launched to the world in the first quarter of 2020 at an event held by the company in the United States.

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