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Recently, Renault has officially upskirt the brand new 7-seat model called Triber in India. Although Triber is a small MPV with 7-seater interior, Renault is called “Premium hatchback”.
Made by Renault defined as a small, but in fact, Triber resembles an MPV with design details in the SUV-style similar to the Honda BR-V or Mitsubishi Xpander. However, compared to the two very small MPV grade B models, Triber is even more “tiny” when it only owns 3, 99m, 1, 739m wide and 1, 643m tall. The weight of only 947kg has also spoken to the minimalism of the “small SUV” from the FA.
Compared to rivals, Renault Triber owns a completely different design language to be able to provide an interior space full of 3 rows of chairs. In fact, Renault has compared Triber with a series of other class B hatchback models and says that the rookie is more practical because of the 3rd row of seats. In addition, Renault also affirmed that Triber had a 20% lower cost of ownership than the other conventional class B hatchback models
In terms of safety, all Triber versions are equipped with safety belts on all rows, ABS, reverse parking sensors and at least two airbags. In addition, the top variants have added front air pockets and rear parking cameras.
The most advanced versions of Triber are equipped with a 8.0-inch touchscreen entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions, digital toolkits, AC vents in all three rows, a cooling center box , into a car that does not need keys, press Start/stop, power windows, Headlight fixtures with HID LEDS.
The car price Renault Triber 2019 will range from 440,000 to 580,000 rupees (about 149-196 million) in the Indian market. If you want to attach a third seat to this cheap MPV template, India customers just need to pay 3,000 rupees (1 million VND). This is something that no MPV model is available in the Indian market.

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