Friday, August 23

Mazda is developing a brand new six-cylinder engine

As everybody else downsizes, Mazda’s going huge. Good

Brilliant news, everybody – Mazda has proclaimed it plans to develop new six-cylinder fuel and diesel engines.

Well, we are saying ‘announced’. The news truly comes from a presentation delivered to investors and uploaded to Mazda’s web site (slide twenty six, if you’re interested). aforementioned presentation reveals the new engines are mounted lengthways, offered with all-wheel drive which they might be paired with mild- or plug-in-hybrid technology.

What will this mean for Mazda? in all probability that it’s doing additional big-ish cars. additional SUV/crossover things, perhaps. At the terribly least, it appears probably subsequent Mazda half-dozen saloon can get pleasure from the new drivetrains, although it remains to be seen whether or not the corporate would even supply them as associate degree choice in Europe, or reserve them for the North American nation and limit North American nation to four cylinders. Same goes for any new SUVs – we’d not get them. Mazda already doesn’t sell its huge CX-9 SUV up here, and that’s a shame as a result of it truly appearance pretty sensible.

What we actually wish to happen, of course, is for Mazda to announce its new straight-six can seem during a production version of 1 of its beautiful ideas, just like the Vision machine idea (pictured). Wouldn’t that be a thing? And if subsequent Mazda half-dozen appearance something like that, and encompasses a straight-six and rear or all-wheel drive, we’ll be terribly happy so.