Friday, August 23

The Ford SVT Contour Is one among the only Sports Sedans You Forgot concerning

If you’ll notice one, it makes a decent acquire lately.
Remember the SVT Contour? you’d be forgiven if you probably did not. Pitched as an affordable American-made varied to German sports sedans, the SVT Contour was entirely in production from 1998 to 2000, with buteleven,500 units sold . The SVT Contour wasn’t eminent, but it’s a automotive worth basic cognitive operation.

As this video from The Smoking Tire reminds North yank country, the SVT Contour was a reputablesports sedan in its day, and it’s still fun presently. The Contour SE’s 2.5-liter V6 was tuned by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team to supply 2 hundred HP for the SVT and it had been paired with a five-speed manual—no autos were offered. The front strut and multilink rear suspension received vital upgrades, too, thathelped produce the SVT Contour one among the nicer-handling front-wheel drive cars of its day.

But from the works, the SVT Contour was too softly sprung since Ford didn’t have to be compelled to compromise what was ultimately a family sedan. Plus, it had been fairly expensive, too, with a $23,000 MSRP. That created it cheaper than most BMWs—save for the lowly 318ti—but dear among sport compacts.

So, the SVT Contour didn’t produce well endowed of a dent, but it makes a stimulating used automotiveobtain lately. The owner of the one featured throughout this Smoking Tire video paid $1000 for his, and a super-clean example sold for $3600 on Bring a Trailer last year. the foremost vital issue is that there merely weren’t that a great deal of built, so as that they ne’er terribly return up purchasable. If you discover one, you’d presumably have to be compelled to act quickly.